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Our objective in OCHOYMEDIO MUSIC SL, a company registered in Spain, with tax identification number B86808805, with registered office at Calle Espejo, nº 2. 3º Izq., 28013 MADRID and registered in the Registro Mercantil de MADRID, is to make your shopping experience easy, fast and fair, so that we can get you on your way to live shows as quickly as possible. These General Conditions of Purchase have been conceived to ensure that the purchase process in is satisfactory and understandable for you. These General Conditions of Purchase also incorporate our Conditions of Use of the website, to which we refer. We attend to queries related to the General Conditions of Purchase and the Conditions of Use of this web site in the forms that we make available to you and/or by e-mail.

OCHOYMEDIOCLUB is an on-line purchase service, available 24 hours a day, where you can comfortably purchase tickets for various shows and events through the Internet from your computer.

Through its website, OCHOYMEDIOCLUB offers you a service of advance ticket sales, facilitating the public and users the purchase of tickets, managing on behalf of the promoter the distribution of the same.

Also, in this section you will find all the necessary information about the procedures that the user must follow to buy a ticket to an event or show, terms and conditions, refund policy, etc.

For all questions regarding the management of your personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

The use of the Web attributes the condition of user and implies acceptance of the provisions contained in these General Conditions of Purchase and Conditions of Use in the version published by OCHOYMEDIOCLUB at the same time the user accesses the web.

The user declares that he/she has the necessary legal capacity to act and contract on the website in accordance with the conditions below, which he/she declares to understand and accept.

The user is responsible for providing their data correctly in the purchasing processes established on the website of OCHOYMEDIOCLUB, paying special attention to the introduction of bank details and personal data.

OCHOYMEDIOCLUB, in accordance with its privacy policy, undertakes, in the use of the data included in the file, to respect their confidentiality and to use them in accordance with the purpose of the file, as well as to comply with its obligation to save them and adapt all measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access in accordance with the provisions of current legislation concerning the protection of personal data. The sending and forwarding of data to be made by the user through the website of OCHOYMEDIOCLUBo the information it sends, is protected by the most modern techniques of electronic security on the network. Likewise, the data provided and stored in our databases are also protected by security systems that prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing them. OCHOYMEDIOCLUB makes its best efforts to have the most updated systems for the effectiveness of these security systems.

The ticket sales service is onerous in nature, with the user having all the information regarding the price of each ticket available at all times on the website. The information service offered through the website is free of charge.

  1. General

The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts, supplies and other services to which OCHOYMEDIO MUSIC SL ( hereinafter referred to as “OCHOYMEDIO MUSIC SL”), with registered office at Espejo St. nº 2. 3rd left. 28013, MADRID, (MADRID), with NIF B86808805, and a customer through the online store of the domain

Any provision of the contracting party that contradicts the provisions of these general terms and conditions is expressly rejected. Any variation requires our written confirmation.

By checking the box I ACCEPT the general conditions of OCHOYMEDIOCLUB, the customer expressly declares to have read and understood these general conditions and accepts them without reservation.

The fact that OCHOYMEDIOCLUB does not apply in a timely manner any of these conditions should not be construed as a waiver of these conditions.

The general conditions, legal notices and particular conditions, if any, governing the purchase of products offered in this web domain, will always be those in force at the time of placing each order or browsing the domain.

The offers and services that OCHOYMEDIOCLUB perform or provide through this website are aimed primarily at natural persons of legal age, or legal entities considered consumers or end users by the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

In these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, we refer to all kinds of products and/or services that we offer for sale (such as tickets) as “Items”. To purchase an Item(s) from us, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit/debit card issued in your name.
The user declares that he/she is of legal age (over 18 years old) and has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by the providers on the website, in accordance with the conditions below, which he/she declares to understand and accept.

In the case of hiring by minors, the authorization of the parents or guardians is required in order to enjoy the contracted service. The user is solely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided to OCHOYMEDIOCLUB in the booking process.

02. Contract

Any purchase of an Item from us is governed by these General Conditions of Purchase.

Your purchase contract for an Item begins when we confirm your purchase and ends when the show for which you purchased the Item ends. All purchases are subject to payment card verification and other security checks, and your transaction may be cancelled if it fails our verification process.

You agree not to obtain or attempt to obtain any Items through the unauthorized use of any robot or other automated device or any other unlawful or unauthorized activity. We reserve the right to void any transaction that we reasonably suspect has been made in breach of these provisions, without prior notice to you, and any and all Items purchased through such transaction shall be void.

We reserve the right to cancel reservations that we reasonably suspect have been made fraudulently.

  1. Buy tickets

By purchasing your tickets you will be able to check your purchase history at any time and you will be able to print your tickets comfortably from home, although we recommend that you take them with you on your mobile device.

  1. Methods of payment

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express, regardless of the entity and type (credit/debit).
The ticketing system uses a secure server and the latest encryption technology.

  1. Check purchase

If your purchase has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email with detailed information about the purchase you have just made. This email may not reach your “Inbox” because some internet services detect it as spam. We recommend that you always check the “Junk Mail” section.

  1. How do I get my tickets?

Once you have completed your purchase and received the confirmation email, you will receive another email with your tickets.

  1. Prices and expenses

Your purchases from us may incur non-refundable item handling fees per order, but all will be specified before the purchase process begins.

08. Return and Exchange Policy

8.1. General aspects

  1. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded, except in case of cancellation or suspension of the Event. Except in the cases set forth above, the User may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, in accordance with current consumer and retail trade regulations;
  2. The impossibility of attending an event or show or the commission of an error when making the purchase of the ticket/s (for example, having entered the e-mail address incorrectly in the purchase process) are not grounds for a refund;
  3. In accordance with current consumer and retail trade regulations, the User may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, since the supply of services related to leisure activities is exempt from such right;
  4. In the event of cancellation of the Event after more than half of the Event has elapsed, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to a refund of the Ticket Price;
  5. Bad weather conditions do not entitle to a refund of the ticket or the price of the ticket;
  6. Upon any cancellation or change to an Event, OCHOYMEDIOCLUB agrees to post it on the Website  and to send an email to the Buyer at the address provided in the Registration Form informing the Buyer of such cancellation or change;

8.2.Exchanges and returns

    1. Changes and refunds will only be accepted in case of cancellation or suspension of the Event, change of date, change of venue or change of artists;
    2. In the event that OCHOYMEDIOCLUB decides to proceed with the refund of the Price, it will be refunded in the same means of payment used for the purchase, within fifteen (15) working days from the date of public communication of the cancellation of the Event. Ticket handling fees are non-refundable. These management services are considered to be effectively rendered from the moment the tickets are purchased.
  1. Tickets

Any entry you purchase from us remains the property of the Promoter and is a revocable personal license that may be withdrawn and admission denied at any time. If this occurs, you will be refunded the purchase price of the ticket that is withdrawn or for which you are denied access (including the corresponding handling fee per ticket but excluding the processing fee per order).

Policies set by our Promoters may prevent us from issuing replacement tickets for any lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets. For example, at shows without seating, where both the original and replacement ticket can be used, the permitted capacity of the venue could be compromised. If replacement tickets are issued, we may charge you reasonable administration fees.

It is your responsibility to check your entries; errors cannot always be rectified, although before starting the recruitment procedure we will inform you of the technical means we have at your disposal to identify and correct data entry errors.

You are entitled exclusively to a seat of a value corresponding to the one indicated on your ticket.

  1. Prohibitions

When you purchase tickets from us, the number of tickets you can buy will be limited to a specific number per show. This number is included on the first purchase page and is verified at each transaction. This policy is in place to prevent unfair practices in the purchase of tickets. Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person, per credit card and, for some shows, a per household restriction may apply. We reserve the right to cancel tickets purchased in excess of this number without prior notice.

Tickets may be sold with certain limitations on access or use, such as limited, obstructed or side view, or minimum age for access. When this happens, such limitation will be published on our website or otherwise communicated to you prior to or at the time of booking the tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read all communications posted on our website.

You may not resell or transfer your tickets when prohibited by law.

An entry may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes unless the Promoter’s written and reliable authorization is obtained. However, in the event that such consent is obtained, the use of our trademarks and other industrial and intellectual property must be with our prior consent.

  1. Show

In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of a show, we will use all reasonable means within our power to notify you of the cancellation as soon as we receive the corresponding authorization from the Promoter. OCHOYMEDIOCLUB, before any change that occurs in an event or show is committed to:
a) Publish it on its website as soon as it becomes aware of it, in order to keep users duly informed.
b) Send a message to the e-mail address or SMS to the cell phone number indicated by the user at the time of purchase informing about such changes.
c) OCHOYMEDIOCLUB will inform the user about the procedure to proceed with the refund.

Please note that advertised show start times are subject to change.

Tickets are sold without prejudice to the Promoter’s right to modify or vary the program due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, without being obliged to refund amounts or exchange tickets, unless such change involves a substantial alteration, in accordance with the provisions of the section relating to “Substantial Alteration” in which case the provisions of said section shall apply.
The responsibility for the visibility conditions where the event or show takes place, its acoustic quality, the comfort of the premises, accessibility, etc., corresponds to the promoter.

  1. Returns

Occasionally, shows are cancelled, rescheduled or substantially altered by the team, artist or promoter for a variety of reasons. Please contact us for further information.
Once the ticket has been purchased, it will not be exchanged or refunded, except for reasons provided for in current legislation.
The impossibility of attending an event or show or the commission of an error in the purchase of the ticket(s) are not grounds for a refund. The user may not exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, in accordance with current consumer and retail trade regulations.

Cancellation: If a show is cancelled (and not rescheduled), you will be offered a refund of the purchase price of your ticket(s). If a show is held over several days and one or more day(s) (but not all the days constituting the show) are cancelled, a partial refund may be made, corresponding exclusively to the cancelled day(s).
OCHOYMEDIOCLUB, as distributor, can only and exclusively proceed to the cancellation of the tickets and, therefore, to the refund of its amount when it receives express order from the promoter of the event and / or show in the event of cancellation, change of dates, etc..

Change of date: Unless otherwise indicated in connection with a particular show, if the date of the show is changed, you will be offered seats (subject to availability), at a value corresponding to your original tickets. If you are unable to attend the show on the new date, you will be offered a refund of the purchase price of your ticket(s). You must inform us if you are unable to attend the show on the new date within the deadline we set, otherwise, we will be able to confirm your reservation for the new date and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Substantial AlterationIf a show is substantially altered, you may choose to confirm your order for the altered show or request a refund (of the sale price of your ticket(s)). If you do not notify us of your decision within 72 hours of notification, we will assume that you choose a refund. A “material alteration” is a change that causes the Show to differ materially from the Show that ticket purchasers could reasonably expect. Any kind of changes in: (i) any supporting act; (ii) the members of a group; and/or (iii) the lineup or formation of any performance involving multiple performers (such as a festival) shall not be considered a material alteration.
To request your refund, please send your request to: (or to any other address we may communicate to you).
In case of cancellation, the refund may be made within fifteen days from the date of public notice of the cancellation of the show. After this period, no refunds will be accepted.
The refund of the amount of the tickets will be made automatically to the card from which the purchase was made within approximately 3 to 15 business days.

These General Conditions of Purchase do not and will not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. For more information about your legal rights, please contact the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN).

13. Admission and Attendance

The venue reserves the right to refuse admission in the event of non-compliance by patrons with any of the terms and conditions of the show, the Promoter or for safety reasons (including non-compliance with any of the measures put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19). In these cases customers will not be entitled to a refund. The venue will on occasion be required to conduct security-related consultations in order to ensure the safety of customers. The ticket(s) are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the Event Promoter. Full details will be available at the venue’s box office. Violation of any of said rules and regulations, or any other act that may cause damage, harm or injury, shall entitle the venue or the Promoter of the event to expel the user from the venue. In any case, OCHOYMEDIOCLUB recommends and refers the buyer to the rules established, in each case and for each event, by the Promoter of the event or show at any given time.

Every effort will be made to allow latecomers access during show breaks, but admission cannot always be guaranteed.

There will be no exit or readmission passes of any kind.

Unauthorized use of photographic and recording equipment is prohibited. Photos, videos and/or recordings may be destroyed or deleted. Laser pens, cell phones, dogs (except guide dogs) and the client’s own food and beverages may also be prohibited (please check with the venue).

You and all other ticket holders consent to the recording of images and sound as part of the viewing public.

Prolonged exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.

A show may include special effects including, but not limited to, sound, audiovisual, pyrotechnic or lighting effects.

  1. Questions and complaints

If you have any questions or complaints regarding your purchase, please contact us, quoting your order number that will have been provided to you at the end of the order, directly through

In the event of any dispute, we will endeavor to consult diligently or negotiate in good faith, and will attempt to reach a settlement agreement that is fair and equitable to your, our and the Developer’s interests.

In any case, you can also go to the Platform for the resolution of disputes over online purchases of the European Union to resolve any complaints you may have about your purchase at the following link

  1. Miscellaneous

All these terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and any dispute arising out of any transaction with OCHOYMEDIOCLUBwill be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

These General Conditions of Purchase and its general conditions of contracting together, where appropriate, with the particular conditions that may be established, expressly regulate the relations arising between OCHOYMEDIOCLUB and third parties (hereinafter “users”) who contract through the portal

These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, on information society services and electronic commerce; Law 7/1998, of April 13, 1998, on General Contracting Conditions; Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, 2007, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws and Law 7/1996, of January 15, 1996, on the Regulation of Retail Trade, as well as any other legal provisions that may be applicable.

If any clause included in these general conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness shall only affect such provision or the part thereof that is null or ineffective, and the general conditions shall subsist in all other respects, and such provision, or the part thereof that is affected, shall be deemed not to have been included.