Ochoymedio’s policy on minors

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  • Children under 16 years of age may only enter the concert accompanied by a duly accredited parent or legal guardian, who must also purchase a ticket to attend the concert and accompany the minor inside the venue.
  • It is essential:
    • Present the ID card, passport or family book (original) of the minor and the accompanying adult.
    • In no case may an undocumented minor have access.
    • Fill out the authorization form that will be provided at the hall.
  • Minors between 16 and 18 years of age may enter the room alone.
  • All minors will be identified by an ink mark to be made by the venue staff in cases where alcoholic beverages are allowed to be sold at events or concerts.
  • In all cases, minors may not remain in the hall at the end of the performance.